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Glasgow Airport Information

Glasgow Airport Limited

Telephone information service: 0844 481 5555

Minicom service for the hearing impaired: 0844 571 7410

Car park queries: 0845 050 7080

Lost property: If you have lost something in Glasgow Airport, you can search our lost property database for your item in real-time here or call 0141 848 4740.


Accessibility statement

Glasgow Airport is committed to meeting the requirements of the Equality Act and we make every effort to ensure our communications – including this website – are accessible to people with special needs, including those with visual, hearing, cognitive and motor impairments.

Standards compliance and validation

We have striven to make this website adhere to priority 1 and 2 guidelines of the W3 Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

Navigation and navigation aids
•Primary site navigation is located at the top of each page.
•The navigation is not site-wide and varies from page to page.
•A link to the home page is available on each page through the Glasgow Airport logo.
•Links are written so as to make sense out of context.
•Link text is never duplicated. Two links on the same page with the same text always point to the same address.
•Some links, mostly to downloadable files such as PDFs, open a new browser window. There will always be a warning in either the text or the 'title' attribute of the link.

Optimising your set-up for your needs

AbilityNet's My Computer My Way site offers a guide to making your PC accessible. It offers help with seeing the screen, using your keyboard and mouse, and with language and reading.