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Why V.Travel

Getting marine and offshore management and crews from A to B safely and economically is essential for today’s maritime operators.

It’s vital that crews and other personnel are where they’re needed, when they’re needed – regardless of distance or deadlines. The whole process should be as seamless and stress-free as possible for all concerned, and it shouldn’t cost the earth even when travelling halfway round the world.

That’s exactly the service V.Travel provides. Every year we move well over 140,000 seafarers worldwide. Many work for V.Group, the world’s leading marine service provider. The experience we’ve gained as part of V.Group, combined with the geographic reach and buying power of the V.Group network, means we can take care of every aspect of crew travel, leaving you free to focus on what you do best without distractions.

V.Travel in a nutshell:

  • Globally coordinated
  • Flexible fee and rebate models
  • Free, dedicated 24-hour service
  • Unique understanding of crewing challenges
  • Full suite of travel management services
  • Multi-currency billing and multi-lingual consultants
  • Cost control and budget management
  • Travel alerts and traveller tracking
  • Crisis management
  • Full reporting portfolio
  • Key account management

Marine through and through

What separates V.Travel from some of our competitors is our heritage.

We’re not, and never have been, a general travel management company. Instead we started life providing crew, offshore and corporate travel
management to the rest of V.Ships, the world’s largest ship management company.

Today that expertise gives us an unprecedented understanding of the marine business and the pressures crew managers and vessel owners
experience on a daily basis.

In short, we’re marine specialists through and through – just like you. 50+ travel experts, many with dedicated maritime careers.

Making you money by saving you money

Marine travel can involve any number of hidden expenses.

Our understanding of the sector and our experience serving V.Group means we recognise that ticket price is just one component of total travel cost - delays, accommodation, victuals, salary and accrued leave can all push up the final bill. It’s here our experience really comes into its own, helping you navigate these issues so you can make informed choices that help you budget with complete certainty and save money by avoiding unnecessary expenses.

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